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What We Do ?

Established in 2006, eTechiq. is the leading provider of mobile sales apps for manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Our customers have experienced upwards from 20% growth in sales using our apps. eTechiq’s flagship product, ID™, is a complete mobile, SaaS, cloud-based solution for sales reps encompassing catalog, order taking and CRM and employing tablets and PCs as the end-user interface. Currently the App Store's most popular sales rep application, ID runs on iOS, Windows and Android.

Connected platform

Unified management of your field sales, retail execution and B2B eCommerce

Seamless Buying

Stunning e-catalogs, streamlined ordering & relevant promotions across all your channelseconomic value.


Unmatched flexibility

Out-of-box solutions that are easily configurable to support your unique and ever-changing needs

Inherently mobile

Native apps coupled with auto-syncing logic and data provide unparalleled offline capabilities


Why Choose Us

Provide a consistent omni-channel B2B Sales experience for customers

Customers choose eTechiq not only for our omni-channel approach to B2B sales but also for our platform flexibility. Empowering CPG brands and wholesalers to quickly respond to changing market conditions, eTechiq’s flexible platform combines sales force automation, retail execution and B2B eCommerce. Catalogs, price lists, trade promotions, customers and users are managed in one place to support all your B2B commerce activities.

Omni-channel Solution

We’ve got you covered in an all-in-one platform. Uniquely combining mobile order taking, B2B eCommerce, mobile CRM, retail execution & route accounting.

Infinitely Configurable with Ease

Our platform flexibility. Your sales agility. Workflows, forms, business rules, and dashboards are configurable – code free – to fit your needs.

All Devices - Optimized for In-Person & Online

Native apps coupled with auto-synced logic and data provide your team with unparalleled offline capabilities. Uniquely combined with a seamless & consistent online experience for self-service B2B customers.

Enterprise Grade

Global-ready secure platform that scales with your business to multi-sites, multi-catalogs, multi-price lists, multi-languages, multi-currencies…Security-certified platform

Integration Without the Pain

Built-in plugins to 60+ ERP systems. From SAP, Oracle & Microsoft Nav…to QuickBooks, Xero & home-grown systems. Built-in, robust integration for your peace of mind.

Our Customers are Happy, Very Happy

Don’t take our word for it, hear it from our customers. 10,000+ brands & wholesalers run their B2B sales on eTechiq. Browse our customer successes.

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